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Restoracrete becomes the largest BP concrete paver sealing product online retailer in California.  Bp Pro concrete Paver sealering products are simply the most environmentally friendly, highest quality and by far the best concrete paver sealer in the market.  After 35 plus years of technical concrete paver experience was applied to the formulation of this product, it consinstinantly proves to have the highest homeowner approval ratings.  John Pla, owner of restoractrete and says, "Customers have many choices and manufacturers love to spend money on marketing, so homeowners and contractor's make choices simply because its on the shelf.  After one conversation with our representatives, they understand the difference and always make the right choice, BP pro concrete paver sealers".

For contractors, BP product line  is easy to apply and fosters the best concrete cleaning and concrete paver restoration value for your customers.  When your customers are looking to keep there pavers looking like new but also maintain the integrity of the "paving systems" BP pro sealers is the product to use.

Restoracrete has shown tremendous growth selling not only the paver sealer products themselves, but also helping contractors price and execute profitable application methods for their business.

Paver sealing is a specialty application and many times homeowners are misled in the wrong direction using low solids product that simply will give your company a bad name.

For more information on BP Pro Sealers product and availability please check out our website, or just call 866-446-8873