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Stamped Concrete Staining

Stamped Concrete Color Staining Restoration

When you look at your stamped concrete driveway, walkway, or patio, what do you see? A distressed dirty, stained and faded surface? Well we have the secret to completly restore your investment at 1/2 the cost of any other concrete staining process with our very own Stamped Concrete Color Staining System.

How would you like to just see a clean, new looking surface? Better yet, how would you like to see a new looking surface without having to actually buy and install a new surface? RestoraCrete's concrete staining system allows for deep cleaning concrete methods and tenacious staining products that are above all other methods found in the industry. RestoraCrete concrete staining services has taken our business of color staining stamped concrete restoration to a whole new level.

Stamped Concrete restoration can really make your driveways, walkways, patio decks and garage floors more pleasing to look at and incurease the value of your home.

Stamped Concrete

RestoraCrete™ is the #1 Stamped Concrete Staining Restoration Specialist


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Stamped or patterned concrete color concrete has long been an excellent and expensive choice for the curb appeal of new, elegant outdoor concrete.  Typically used with clients that have very discerning taste it is one of the most beautiful concepts to come out of the concrete industry in decades.  With more choices than ever for colors, designs, styles and textures, the is no doubt that the main reason for the choice of stamped or patterned concrete is its aesthetic appeal. The stamp styles and colors vary with every home.  The colored concrete surfaces around your property not only serve a functional purpose but they also add resale value to your home. The condition they are in will determine how much value they add. Neglected stamped concrete will reduce the value of your home and have a reverse effect.  

Like many different outdoor decorative concrete choices, stamped colored concrete surfaces are also subjected to weather and staining which, over time, can lead to fading, discolorization and deterioration.  The once coveted exterior aesthetic appeal of stamp colored concrete becomes fades and tarnished by a bombardment of different conditions such as rain, sun, sprinklers, cars, foot traffic, oil, barbeque grease, fertilizer, and paint droppings.  This is why RestoraCrete recommends the multi-step application of a quality restoration to protect and enhance the aesthetic values and integrity of you concrete.


Stamped Concrete Color Restoration Process:

Cleaning Process

Restoracretes superior concrete restoration crew uses state of the art cleaning equipment and the RestoraCrete staining restoration system:  Our very own line of professional grade cleaners developed for the care, maintenance and rejuvination of stamped and colored concrete.  No matter what the condition of your colored or stained concrete, restoration cleaning with our system will make the concrete look like new again. The right cement cleaners and concrete color stains allow us to use less pressure to reduce the risk of damage. Our exclusive concrete cleaning products use the latest technology, methods, and equipment available for optimal results. We guarantee results.


  • Removes efflorescence and ground in dirt
  • Removes motor oil and other greasy stains
  • Removes most runt stains
  • Removes and remediates weeds, grass, moss and other growth

Stamped Concrete Staining Restoration Process

Our system of restoring stamped color concrete stain into your driveway or pool deck will not peel like other competing high solids acrylic products. Our stamped concrete staining method is not a paint or a coating. Using advanced polymer modified concrete stain formula our product penetrates the surface of porous concrete and creates an amazing restored look that is breathable and requires no sealer. Our product does not include any acrylic properties within the color concrete staining formula. Low quality or low solids acrylic staining products tend to peel and fail with tremendous frustration to the client. An added benefit is that the process will not change the texture of the concrete, therefore your concrete will continue to reflect its natural look.

To provide the varigated or mottled look that customers want in stamped concrete we use an enhancer. To give the stamped concrete a two toned anitqued finish with the enhancer, our application must be applied in a professional manner. Our trained crews use our patented product that is a polymer-modified water based, non-reactive, non-acrylic, penetrating and breathable concrete color stain. We can alos use our enhancer to tint and refresh exposed aggregate, or enhance area of relief, texture such as walls and ceilings.

This system requires that the base color be a lighter color than the enhancer. Using this technique allows us to create some of the most amazing final products in the stamped concret staining color restoration market.


  • Proven Formula since 1989
  • 1005 opaque concrete stain covers discolorization easily
  • Polymer modified products penetrate as deep as the surface poures allow
  • Water based stain formula is non-reactive and reliable
  • Breathable finish does not always need to be sealed

Like New Finish

Most homes have some type of poured concrete with a basic broom finish or salt finish with no color (gray color).  Even though the original pour did not include any concrete color, discolorization, spots and stains still occur.  RestoraCrete can take old diminished, stained concrete and restore it to a like new finish by staining the concrete with Newlook's water based stains.  We can use a gray color that looks very close to the originally poured concrete.  This is the most cost effective way of restoring the color in your concrete.  Our concrete staining system can compliment any concrete color stain scheme that goes with the decor of your home.




Beach House with Buffalo Brown

Solid Brook Greeen with Green EnhancerBrook Green Solid Color
with Green Enahncer

Fresco Solid with Spanish
Clay Enhancer

Beach House with Dark Brown Enhancer

Sierra with Spanish Clay

Creamed Coffee with Buffalo
Brown Enhancer

Creamed Coffee with Dark
Brown Enhancer

Sierra with Light Oak Enhancer

Caramel with Light Oak Enhancer

NewLook  Stamped Concrete Stain

Sunrise with Mountain
Brown Enhancer

RestoraCrete Stamped Concrete Stain

NewLook  Stamped Concrete Stain