Stripping and Cleaning

RestoraPave Surface Prep

Stripping and Cleaning |  Surface Prep : The most critical Step 

Occasionally we have to strip pavers prior to applying any sealer but most of the time the sealer is degraded enough where our pressure washer does the job. Many companies cut this corner, not RestoraCrete. Cutting this corner fosters a poor job and promotes future pealing and immediate concrete paver restoration failure. When Stripping a previous we use the best product in the market to ensure that the job is done correctly. This has come over many years of experience trying different products.

Over application of sealer, or moisture from below the surface, often causes a white haze to appear over the entire surface. This haze makes it difficult to see the color of the pavers, detracting from the overall look. Some acrylic sealers contain low quality acrylic resins which can turn yellow when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. When a clear sealer turns yellow, ugly or begins to peel or flake it most likely needs stripping. Stripping is also a way to remove sand which was sealed to the surface of the pavers. We apply a powerful stripping agent that allows removal of multiple layers of acrylic sealer or any other possible coating or contaminant. Then we rinse the stripper & previous sealer away using water pressure. The result is a concrete paver surface that looks like it has never been sealed before, totally bare and ready to be correctly restored with our custome paver clean and seal process.

Restoracretes superior concrete brick paver cleaning and sealing crew uses state of the art, powerful cleaning equipment and a special RestoraCrete restoration system.  We use our very own line of professional grade paver cleaners developed for the care, maintenance and rejuvination of concrete pavers.  No matter what the condition of your pavers, restoration, cleaning and sealing with our system will make the concrete  pavers look like new again.

RestoraCrete uses paver cleaners that will get out the toughest stains from mold, ground in dirt, oil, and irrigation rust stains. We use hot water along with a tough paver surface cleaner to clean all the paver surfaces evenly which means we can use the correct amount of pressure to avoid damage to the surface. Our trained specialists are caring of your property and will pay attention to every detail.  RestoraCrete does not take responsibility for old degraded pavers that are falling apart.  Prior to performing our work we notify all of our customers about our service disclaimers.  We restore to like new appearance but not the structure or integrity of the manufacturing process.

Not all paver cleaning companies warranty their work for your satisfaction, which keeps us a step above the rest. For old looking concrete pavers or new ones needing protection, let the expert paver cleaning sealing take care of your concrete paving surfaces.

Periodic cleaning of concrete brick pavers extends the life & appearance and with every job we will continue communication with you to keep your property looking new.   


    - Removes efflorescence and ground in dirt
    - Removes motor oil and other greasy stains
    - Removes most rust stains
    - Removes and remediates weeds, grass, moss and other growth