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"What if we could fix our safety line issue with Concrete Mender?" After experimenting with different types of Yellow sand and a request into Roadware for Concrete Mender factory colored in Safety Yellow, the Permanant line marking system was born.

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Roadware is awesome for concrete polishing projects

Polishing and honing concrete to smooth shiny surface is a great way to give an old warehouse floor new life. Sometimes, warehouse floors are too damaged and worn to make polishing practical.

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 Concrete Staining... the NewLook message

Restoracrete has taken concrete staining application and restoration for homeowners and commercial property owners to a new level.  Working their business model differently than most concrete staining conctractors and distributors, RestoraCrete has had a lot of succes in taking the ideas of complicated acid staining and fancy finishes and repackaging it to a very simple methodology for contractors and simple understanding for the consumer. 

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