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Artificial Turf Cleaning

RestoraCrete offers Artificial Turf Cleaning Services.  We started a division called RestoraTurf which allows us to not only restore concrete in backyards but also the old faded, dirty, smelly artificial grass.

We are an authorized TurFresh Dealer allowing us to provide the best "BioTechnology" when it comes to odor removal. Our services restores turf to its originall condition, we decompact the turf but loosening the particles that harden over time and then we broom, clean with TurFresh products and then apply BioFill artificial turf pet odor granules.  These granules prevent odor buildup.  Email us now to schedule your artificial turf cleaning service.


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We will turn your dirty turf into clean turf.  Our trained turf cleaning staff will perform a 8 step process that will bring your artificial turf to a like new appearance and also smell great.  Not only will we be able to remove whatever debris has built up between the blades of artificial turf but we will also completely eliminate the bacteria that causes the nasty odor.  The best thing is we GAURANTEE our service.  We have been trained by the manufacture and no doubt we have the best product which is the key to a succesfull cleaning.

Artficial Turf Cleaning Services throughout all of southern california.  We are a TurFresh licenses applicator and only use the best Bio-Mass Turf Cleaning product on the market.  For more information about the products that we use go to

Our steps for cleaning synthetic grass is as follows:

  1. Clear all Debris from the turf surface
  2. Remove weeds that may have grown inside the turf system.  
  3. Removal of metal objects from the turf system using a magnet is more critical on sports field.
  4. Turf Decompaction of Blooming:  This is a crucial step in our cleaning process. We rebloom the turf blades to where they are standing erect. This step will get your hard looking new again as sometimes over time your turf blades can get matted down.  This step also scrubs your micro-turf blades to remove the dust or residual feces that may have build up over time.  It also removes contaminated infill along with any debris such as dog hair, shrubbery, rocks etc. from the artificial turf.
  5. We love our fluffy friends but the the fluffy part or hair. This hair over time can become embedded between he turf slit film blades and micro thatch. This build up of pet hair can start cause your turf to not drain properly. This creates a breeding ground for feces and urine bacteria and will begin to start smelling pretty bad. 
  6. Our BioFill Infill acts like a filter for the turf. An evenly distributed level of Biofill will help to neutralize the ammonia causing bacteria in urine upon contact.
  7. Decompaction process.  In this step we use our Surface Sweeper Broom Power Washer to de-compact any debris deep with in the turf. Loosening this debris allows for the artificial turf to essentially breath and drain properly.   This is also going to saturate the turf with water and rinse away any loose contaminates and prep for the final step.
  8. Our TurFresh BioS+ Bio-Enzymatic Formula that works with the moisture on the blades of artificial turf.  Our cleaner uses the saturated turf as a conveyer system to allow BioAugmenting enzymes to penetrate and destroy the root cause of turf odor along. The stinky turf is no more.  We leave your turf fresh and clean. 


We Clean Turf in the following cities:

Mission Viejo, Tustin, Santa Ana, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Rancho Trabuco, Trabuco Hills, Orange, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Laguna Hills, Diamond Bar, Yorba Linda, Whittier, Pico Rivera, Compton, Venice Beach, Hermosa Beach, Malibu, Los Angeles, Burbank, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Brentwood, Glendale Arizona, Phoenix Arizona, Gilber Arizona, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County, Sacramento County, Santa Clara County, Dallas Texas, San Bernadino County, Las Vegas, Summerland, North Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Fullerton, Dana Point, Fountain Valley, La Habra, Westminster, anaheim, lake forest, buena park, cypress, Costa Mesa, Brea,Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Los Alamitos, Placentia, Coto De Caza, North Tustin, Rossmoor, placentia, ladera ranch, Stanton, Las Flores,