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About Restoracrete

John Pla Owner of RestoraCrete

 Our Mission

Since 1999, Restoracrete has been servicing the home improvement industry focusing on low maintenance, high quality products and services.  What sets our vision apart from other companies is are tenacious dedication and commitment to the highest level of customer service, our embrace of the latest concrete staining and restoration technologies and our commitment to ensuring that we create relationships with our customers that last a lifetime.

With complete dedication to concrete staining quality and expertise that can only be had through the success with thousands of custom designed cement staining and restorations in orange county and surrounding areas, restoracrete stands alone and on top of our concrete staining industry.  The concrete staining business continues to grow and so do we.  

We maintain our vision and objective to make every customer's house a home they can be proud of. 

Our concrete staining expertise and practical approach helps continue to be the choice of many discerning clients.

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Our Commitment

To enhance home ownership lifestyles, quality enduring value  and pride of home by providing aesthetically appealing colored concrete staining products and services.  We also serve to foster decorative concrete contractors in their quest to be industry leaders by promoting cooperative relationships to deliver quality workmanship.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the premier concrete and cement staining restoration contractor in Southern California. To be the #1 company revolutionizing the decorative colored concrete restoration industry by becoming the preferred choice for concrete staining for residential and commercial property owners, decorative concrete contractors and cement staining specifiers.

Our Values

Customer Centric: Ensuring that complete commitment to customer satisfaction permeates throughout the entire organization.
Innovation: Dedication to maintain our existence by being a leader in concrete restoration products and service innovations.
Financial Strength: Maintain financial strength to provide continuity for our employees and customers who rely on us.
Our Environment: Take action on increasing environmentally sound concrete staining products which fosters a positive impact for our future generations.