Paver Repairs

Concrete pavers will not stay perfect forever, especially if it is subjected to the outdoor weather and variety of other elements. Outdoor surfaces such as decorative concrete pavers take special requirements for care. Over time, landscape pavers will shift and settle causing the surface to become unstable and loose. A non level surface can hold water speeding up the deterioration process.

Fixing or repairing concrete pavers can be a tedious task, even for the do it yourself homeowner. The right tools and experience can determine the quality of the job and how long the pavers will stay put. Having paver repairs done right the first time is the key to restoring your paver surfaces.

RestoraCrete offers paver repair services to help ease your mind. We know that neglecting paver problems will only make them worse and possibly result in complete paver replacement.

As an experienced paver repair contractor, we offer paver repairing such as lifting settled areas, replacing broken pavers, replacing the black plastic edging once it has risen up from frost heaving among other services. If you don't see the brick pavers repair service you need, give us a call and we'll see if we can help.

Restoracrete will send or refer an experienced repair technician to diagnose & fix problems at a very reasonable cost. You will always receive a free estimate prior to the start of any repair work. Repairs for Concrete Pavers is typically not that expensive to do.  Usually customers request for us to remove and reset the pavers due to low spots or some stains that are just not going to come out.



    - Improve drainage to minimize stains 
    - Eliminate trip hazards
    - Protects settling water
    - Foster appropriate joint conditions



Over 80 inspiring decorative RestoraCrete concrete stain colors that we can apply. Restoracreteâ„¢ only uses NewLook's award-winning system.


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RestoraCreteâ„¢ can take any discolored, old faded concrete and give it a like new or new appearance using the latest in concrete color restoration technology.


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Restoracrete's advanced joint stabilization sealing technology allows us to restore the colors in pavers and seal them to better than new.


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Mastic Repair


Protect your slabs and pool decks from damage.  RestoraCrete is the expert when it comes to removing and replacing mastic in joints, seams and cracks anywhere on your property.

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Mastic Repair


RestoraCrete can take any old discolored exposed aggregate surface and stain it to look new.  Our transluscent stain gives the complete new look without giving up natural look and texture.

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Faux Rock Restoration RestoraCrete

Artificial Grass Cleaning Service

RestoraTurf makes your old faded smelly artificial turf look like new.