For homeowners looking for quality and creativity in the restoration of their faux rock color sheme the logical choice is restoracrete. Homeowners who have a rockscape designed pool spent a lot of money to have the environment look like a real outdoor experience and its important to keep an elegant outdoor space looking as natural as possible.  These designs offer a very stable, natural and sturdy faux rock surface that can provide years of enjoyment.  

Like many different outdoor decorative concrete choices, decorative faux rockscape, artificial rock or faux rock are also subjected to weather and staining which over time can lead to fading, discolorization and deterioration.  The once coveted perfect natural rock looking products becomes faded and tarnished by a bombardment of different conditions such as rain, sun, sprinklers, cars, foot traffic, oil, barbeque grease, fertilizer, and paint droppings.  This is why RestoraCrete recommends the multi-step application of a quality restoration to protect and enhance the aesthetic values and integrity of you artificial rocks.

Artificial Rock Restoration Process:

Cleaning and Prep the Surface 



Occasionally we have to strip the artificial faux rock surface prior to our color stain restoration.  Cutting this corner fosters a poor job and promotes future pealing and immediate failure.  Stripping coating off your rockscape's surface is sometimes necessary if there is a build-up problem. Over application of sealer often causes a white haze to appear over the entire surface. This haze makes it difficult to see the color of the bare artificial rock, so its critical the its clean and stripped. Some acrylic sealers contain low quality acrylic resins which can turn yellow when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. When a clear sealer turns yellow, ugly or begins to peel or flake it most likely needs stripping. Stripping is also a way to remove sand which was sealed to the surface of the pavers. We apply a powerful stripping agent that allows removal of multiple layers of acrylic sealer. Then we rinse the stripper & previous sealer away using water pressure. The result is a surface that looks like it has never been stained or sealed before, totally restored & ready for proper color application. 

Restoracretes superior artificial rockscape cleaning and restoration crew uses state of the art cleaning equipment and a special RestoraCrete restoration system:  Our very own use of professional grade cleaners and strippers developed for the care, maintenance and rejuvination of artificial faux rockscape for pools. No matter what the condition of your artificial rocks, restoration cleaning, staining and  sealing with our system will make the pools rockscape look as natural as possible.  




    - Removes efflorescence and ground in dirt
    - Removes old stains 
    - Removes old sealers or pigments previously applied
    - Removes and remediates weeds, grass, moss and other growth


Satisfied Customers: It is our goal to reach 100% customer satisfaction. We take pride in the quality of our work. Much of our business is based on customer referrals. We know that our company's growth depends on the satisfaction of our customers. 




Over 80 inspiring decorative RestoraCrete concrete stain colors that we can apply. Restoracrete™ only uses NewLook's award-winning system.


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RestoraCrete™ can take any discolored, old faded concrete and give it a like new or new appearance using the latest in concrete color restoration technology.


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Restoracrete's advanced joint stabilization sealing technology allows us to restore the colors in pavers and seal them to better than new.


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Mastic Repair


RestoraCrete can take any old discolored pool coping and make it look new.  Our easily maintained color staining process will blow you away and completely allow you to save thousands of dollard from replacing.

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Mastic Repair


Protect your slabs and pool decks from damage.  RestoraCrete is the expert when it comes to removing and replacing mastic in joints, seams and cracks anywhere on your property.

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Faux Rock Restoration RestoraCrete

Artificial Grass Cleaning Service

RestoraTurf makes your old faded smelly artificial turf look like new using BioTechnology product TurFresh and BioFill Granular odor eliminating granules or infill.

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