Save time and money and be safe. We value your time and safety so we have created this form so you can virtually schedule your mastic replacement project with confidence.

MasticPro | Mastic Replacement Work Approval Document

What is included in your service?: Removal of old mastic and backerod if needed, Replacement of old BackerRod or sand. New Pool Caulking.

Please provide the best phone number to get a hold of you.

If you have never had a contractor apply a sealer or stain to your concrete most likely you do not have any coatings on your hardscape.

Pool Details

Please provide as much information as possible so we are prepared for your job. The work does not deviate too much.

The average pool is around 125 lineal feet. You can give your best guess as we charge exactly what is there anyway. There is a $700.00 min charge for every project.

Choose the color you want your caulking. We keep the colors to two choices for simplicity. If you want another color, which is extremely rare then please call our office. 99% of the jobs are one of two colors.

We do many jobs where we do not even meet the homeowner or contractor. More so now with Covid. We want to ensure that our clients and employees are safe. They simply trust us to do the best job and we do!

If any part of your pool deck or coping is not level please let us know.

Please indicate who you are in relation to the property. The person approving is personally responsible to pay for services rendered.

Please let us know when you want the project completed. We are typically 2 to 3 weeks out. We do quality work and do not rush our jobs.

Our list price is $10 per foot with a $750 or 75 lineal foot minimum charge. Our charges include all mobilization, labor, Product and insurances required by the State of California.

Give any specifics that we may need to know.

Please review and approve



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