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RestoraCrete™ is the #1 Orange County Integral Color Concrete Staining-Restoration Specialist


Solid Integral Concrete Color Restoration Process:

Concrete Staining Restoration Process 

Our system of restoration solid color concrete stain into your driveway or pool deck will not peel like other competing acrylic products.  Our concrete staining method is not a paint or a coating.  Using advanced polymer modified concrete stain formula our product penetrates the surface of porous concrete and creates an amazing restored look that is breathable and requires no sealer. Our product does not include any acrylic properties within the color concrete staining formula.  Low quality acrylic staining products tend to peel and fail with tremendous frustration to the client. An added benefit is that the process will not change the texture of the concrete, therefore your concrete will continue to reflect its natural look.



    - Proven Formula since 1989  
    - 1005 opaque concrete stain covers discolorization easily
    - Polymer modified products penetrate the surface poures allow 
    - Water based stain formula is non-reactive and reliable      
    - Breathable finish does not always need to be sealed   


Most homes have some type of poured concrete with a basic broom finish or salt finish with no color (gray color).  Even though the original pour did not include any concrete color, discolorization, spots and stains still occur.  RestoraCrete can take old diminished, stained concrete and restore it to a like new finish by staining the concrete with Newlook's water based stains.  We can use a gray color that looks very close to the originally poured concrete.  This is the most cost effective way of restoring the color in your concrete.  Our concrete staining system can compliment any concrete color stain scheme that goes with the decor of your home.




Over 80 inspiring decorative RestoraCrete concrete stain colors that we can apply. Restoracrete™ only uses NewLook's award-winning system.


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RestoraCrete™ can take any discolored, old faded concrete and give it a like new or new appearance using the latest in concrete color restoration technology.


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Restoracrete's advanced joint stabilization sealing technology allows us to restore the colors in pavers and seal them to better than new.


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Mastic Repair


Protect your slabs and pool decks from damage.  RestoraCrete is the expert when it comes to removing and replacing mastic in joints, seams and cracks anywhere on your property.

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Mastic Repair


RestoraCrete can take any old discolored exposed aggregate surface and stain it to look new.  Our transluscent stain gives the complete new look without giving up natural look and texture.

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Faux Rock Restoration RestoraCrete

Artificial Grass Cleaning Service

RestoraTurf makes your old faded smelly artificial turf look like new.