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RestoraCrete™ is the #1 Orange County Integral Color Concrete Staining-Restoration Specialist


Integral Concrete Color Cleaning Restoration Process:


Surface Preparation | The most important step in the process is often overlooked by most companies and clients. PREP IS EVERYTHING

Restoracretes superior concrete staining and restoration crew uses state of the art concrete cleaning equipment and products during our restoration process.  This step is critical in determining a quality job versus a poor job.  RestoraCrete uses a special line of professional grade cleaners developed to clean and open up the concrete surface.  This is important because our stain is not a coating.  Our product is required to penetrate into the concrete for a quality application.  No matter what the condition of your colored or stained concrete is, cleaning with our system will make the concrete look like new again. The right cement or concrete cleaners and concrete color stains allow us to use less pressure to reduce the risk of damage. Our exclusive concrete cleaning products use the latest technology, methods, and equipment available for optimal results. We guarantee results.

Cleaning Coping:

Cleaning the coping on a pool poses a few challenges but we are experts in the field.  Our customer must be aware that often the pool water will get dirty.  Due to the pressure required along with doing a detailed job on the bullnose of coping the water will get contaminated.  Usually a good cleaning will do the job in the pool unless it is needed to strip the coping then most of the time the water may need to be replaced.  Again, not always the case but sometimes the chemical interactions salviging the water cannot be accomplished.

Surface Sweeper:

We use a very high pressured surface sweeper.  This process allows us to provide an even cleaning without causing stripping.  Stripping is the process where a wand is used and the person using the wand cannot be consinstant with the level of cleaning therefore stripes will show up in the concrete.  This is a key element to a quality job.



    - Removes efflorescence and ground in dirt
    - Removes motor oil and other greasy stains
    - Removes most runt stains
    - Removes and remediates weeds, grass, moss and other growth.





Over 80 inspiring decorative RestoraCrete concrete stain colors that we can apply. Restoracrete™ only uses NewLook's award-winning system.


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RestoraCrete™ can take any discolored, old faded concrete and give it a like new or new appearance using the latest in concrete color restoration technology.


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Restoracrete's advanced joint stabilization sealing technology allows us to restore the colors in pavers and seal them to better than new.


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Mastic Repair


Protect your slabs and pool decks from damage.  RestoraCrete is the expert when it comes to removing and replacing mastic in joints, seams and cracks anywhere on your property.

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Mastic Repair


RestoraCrete can take any old discolored exposed aggregate surface and stain it to look new.  Our transluscent stain gives the complete new look without giving up natural look and texture.

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Faux Rock Restoration RestoraCrete

Artificial Grass Cleaning Service

RestoraTurf makes your old faded smelly artificial turf look like new.