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At KC Coring & Cutting, we specialize in providing concrete sawing, concrete drilling, and concrete grinding in Kansas City. Our expert team possess the required tools and equipment to grind concrete to your required specification. Our services are detailed and carried out with a high level of professionalism.

What Is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding is the process of working on rough concrete surfaces to achieve a smooth surface. The process involves using an abrasive tool in combination with a diamond attachment on the rough concrete surface in order to achieve a smooth finish. The goal of the process is to completely eliminate surface irregularities and imperfections.

What Are the Major Advantages Of Concrete Grinding?

Aside from the fact that smooth finishes are appealing, there are other reasons for concrete grinding. The major advantages include:

  • Restoring old and damaged surfaces to their former glory
  • Removal of paint, epoxies, dirt, and remnants on the concrete
  • A better surface for installing flooring like tiles and carpets
  • Improving the durability of floors

What Exactly Does A Concrete Floor Grinder Do?

A concrete floor grinder is the major machine used for concrete grinding. They are used for grinding as well as for polishing concrete surfaces. The specific results the machine can be used to achieve include:

  • Smoothening of uneven casted concrete
  • Polishing of concrete surfaces to give a good aesthetic look and feel
  • Removal of strong and stubborn tile glues to improve the floor surface

How Long Should Concrete Cure before Grinding?

Generally, any floor that is structurally sound will withstand polishing. The question of timing is most applicable when the floor for concrete grinding is new. It is expected that the concrete will be allowed to cure to a hardness that is sufficient before grinding.

In most instances, new concrete is ready for grinding 14 days after casting. There are other instances where it will take about 28 days before the concrete is hard enough. Between 14 days and 28 days is enough time for concrete to cure and become hard enough for grinding and polishing.

How Do You Grind Concrete Surfaces Properly?

Grinding concrete surfaces may not seem like a very technical task until you actually start doing it. These tips are important to succeed at concrete grinding:

  • Consider the condition of the floor first
  • Identify the floor surface you are dealing with and choose the right bond for your diamond tool
  • Be flexible while grinding, experiment with different tools and weights and switch from dry to wet grinding if needed to improve the end results.

What Is the Cost of Concrete Grinding?

The cost of concrete grinding in Kansas City is often measured per square foot. However, if the floor is damaged, there will be a need to seal the concrete floor along the cracks. This can add to the cost. You can get in touch with our team of professional to get a quote for your concrete grinding project.

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