Concrete Paver Sealing

To protect your expensive concrete pavers from staining and enhance the natural color and appearance, we use either and water based enhancer or oil based wet look sealer with the joint stabilization technology.  Our sealers create a satin look by enhancing the natural color of brick pavers.  Our professional grade paver sealers is designed to soak into the paver, its joints and create a wet look that enhances natural color of the pavers.  Our Paver sealer creates a surface barrior against stains and many other contaminants that is easy to clean.  Simply wash dirt and stains off the surface with a spray nozzle.  RestoraCrete process also protects against the suns UV rays, which fade and dull the appearance of pavers over time.



    - Will Enhance the color of your pavers with a rich look 
    - Helps prevent fading from harmful UV rays
    - Protects against oil, water dirt and reduces moss growth
    - Makes surface easier to clean



Over 80 inspiring decorative RestoraCrete concrete stain colors that we can apply. Restoracreteâ„¢ only uses NewLook's award-winning system.


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RestoraCreteâ„¢ can take any discolored, old faded concrete and give it a like new or new appearance using the latest in concrete color restoration technology.


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Restoracrete's advanced joint stabilization sealing technology allows us to restore the colors in pavers and seal them to better than new.


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Mastic Repair


Protect your slabs and pool decks from damage.  RestoraCrete is the expert when it comes to removing and replacing mastic in joints, seams and cracks anywhere on your property.

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Mastic Repair


RestoraCrete can take any old discolored exposed aggregate surface and stain it to look new.  Our transluscent stain gives the complete new look without giving up natural look and texture.

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Faux Rock Restoration RestoraCrete

Artificial Grass Cleaning Service

RestoraTurf makes your old faded smelly artificial turf look like new.