Easy Concrete Staining using NewLook Staining Products


A Greener, more cost effective way to Stain Colored Concrete.

Why use dangerous chemicals like acid to stain concrete when you can get beautiful results for less money and no acid?  Restoracrete, NewLooks largest online dealer now offering special pricing.
NewLook, a water based “green stain”, can be used to stain your concrete a warm terra cotta or rust color for a fraction of the economic and environmental cost of any other staining methods.  Very predictable within a certain range.  You can even order the materials to whatever custom color you wish.
The advantages of using NewLook stains in either outdoor and indoor concrete staining is:
Beautiful, natural colors and variations in shades

No fumes
Non-toxic, "green" characteristics
Very low cost of the materials
Very little time required
Easy to use
One kit of NewLook Stains retails for around $150.00 which covers approximately 350 to 400 sf depending on the concretes condition.  You can order the materials on www.restoracrete.com and have it drop shipped anywhere in the United States and abroad.
Prepare the Surface

Thoroughly sweep and clean the surface to be stained. Use a mild cleaning solution such as our NewLook’s Concrete Degreaser.  Use a putty knife or other scraper to remove any surface grime or irregularities that you don't want to show on your finished project. Rinse with clear water and sweep the surface again. 

To Create Visual Interest or Variegated NewLook check out our enhancing products which offers translucent customer patterns.  You can leave some areas puddled, easier if its a stamped concrete, which will dry darker.  This may take more dry time depending on weather conditions.
Sealing and Protecting the Surface

Consider our water-based, low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) concrete sealers available in gloss or stain finishes. One gallon covers between 300 to 400 square feet.   

For more information on our NewLook water based stains and availability go to www.restoracrete.com or email us at sales@restoracrete.com



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