MasticPro is the #1 pool caulking company in Southern California to replace your pool caulking or mastic.  Pool Caulking and Joint Mastic Replacement is our specialty and we have mastered the pool caulking system to ensure the highest quality pool caulking application.  We use the highest quality, time tested materials the pool caulking manufacturers have to offer.  We offer a two year warranty.



MasticPro charges $10.00 a linear foot (linear foot is 12 inches) to remove and replace your pool mastic with a 70 ft minimum.  This includes removal of all old cracked mastic, proper surface wall prep for maximum adhesion and sealing, masking of entire perimeter for even presentation and application of silica sand for proper aesthetic and safety.   


We do perform estimates when needed, however We DO NOT need to perform visual inspections as they cost time and money and those cost typically get passed on to you and 95% of the jobs have the same issues. Our customers will email or text us a photo of the job.  We try to save our clients time, money and the hassle of setting time aside to discuss things that can be discussed over the phone or via email.   


As policy, we do not collect any money until we complete the job.  It costs time and money to visit clients which we simply do not have and those costs get passed on.  With todays technology it is very easy to gather enough information to provide our clients budgets and comfort. We will obtain a work authorization in order to complete the work.  This give our customers all the full disclosures and terms of the work requested.


We guarantee our work and satisfaction.  Our work and ethics speak for itself.  We have been in business for over 20 years.  If the job is over 150 lf and have verticals or excessive widths or strange circumstances we will be glad to come out and meet you but these can be discussed or budgeted over the phone.


The average pool is about 100 feet in perimeter so the average cost to the customer is $1000.00. Your pool can vary and you are welcome to measure yourself to know exactly what we would charge.  We want to make sure that not only are we the reliable experts but also want to make this process as painless as possible.  Do not worry about being a little off on your measurements, we will verify them prior to completing the job and bill or charge you for the difference, plus or minus.  It really is that simple and satisfaction is gauranteed!

What about my Pool Guy?

Do not rely on your pool service guy saying "yeah, I can do that".  We are sure that your pool guy or contractor will have the best of intentions, but without the daily experience of applying these specialty products and having the proper tools to prepare the surface, you may be throwing money away.   Since pool caulking, or what some people call pool mastic, is our specialized service many pool owners entrust our level of commitment to a quality process.  We have built a strong following of custom pool maintenance, builders and remodelers and continue to grown everyday.  

Do I really need to do this?

YES! Pool mastic, caulking or sealant as it is commonly referred to is the waterproof expansion barrier between your pool and your deck. It's purpose is to allow movement between your pool and your deck without damaging the deck or your coping stones. Also it is waterproof to stop water from travelling underneath your coping stones then down behind your pool tiles. When this happens the tiles will lose their bond to the pool wall, loosen, and eventually fall off. You may be having this effect already or not, but the pool mastic serves a very important duty and should be kept in proper condition.

The purpose is to protect the surrounding structure from water damage, weed growth, pest invasion, trip hazards, splinters and cracking. The finished product is a pool sealant that has a flexible, grout-like appearance that is pleasant to the eye, stainable and long lasting.  Pools, patio's, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots have expansion/control joints that need the protection, safety and aesthetic appearance of our products and services. Concrete Joint sealing is a preventative maintenance to prevent future slab jacking or replacement of your concrete.


Mastic or Urethan Installation ... $10.00 LF 5-8 year life expectancy

Includes  removal of mastic, grinding joint wall for long term adhesion, Primer, Foam backer rod or sand if needed and mastic sealant application along with sand finish. 

Over 20 years service life...

Includes  removal of mastic, grinding joint wall for long term adhesion, Primer, Foam backer rod or sand if needed and mastic sealant application along with sand finish.

70 linear foot minimum charge on all jobs.    





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